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Bio diversity and Forest Gardens

Traditional agricultural plantations may look idyllic, but they are monocultures that tolerate nothing but the tea bush. Tea So Tea sources spices and herbs from a certified organic plantation that recreates the biodiversity of a forest. They grow amongst a profusion of living organisms that keep the ecosystem healthier.

Forest gardens provide an ecosystem similar to the natural forest of the region but also contain trees that yield commercially viable products. This co-existence provides environmental stability and helps arrest biodiversity loss and deforestation while providing an income for those who farm in these areas.

Bio diversity Assessment

We have made every effort to ensure that no species are hurt during the production of Tea So Tea. An independent biodiversity assessment carried out by the Carbon Consulting Company has certified that consumers who purchase Tea So Tea are helping to protect the fauna that resides in our organic tea forest.

Amongst the findings at our plantation were 82 distinct animal species including 8 mammal species, 44 different bird species, 5 reptile species and 16 insect (butterflies and dragonflies) species.