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Carbon Negative

At Tea So Tea, we aim to leave the environment in a better shape than we found it; and this aim led us to make our tea carbon negative.

Of all human activities, agriculture directly contributes to approximately 10-12% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is unacceptable to us and we have partnered with the Carbon Consulting Company to offset 100% of the global warming emissions associated with the growing, packing and shipping of our tea.

Tea So Tea also goes one step further. We offset an extra 20 kgs for every pack you buy to offset your personal carbon footprint; it is this step which makes our tea carbon negative.

Claim your personal carbon credits by visiting here.


The Kanneliya forest.

Native Green Forest Lizard found in Hiniduma - Calotes calotes.

Stream that flows into Gin River.

The Gin River.

View of Kanneliya forest from a nearby mountain.

Bio Mass stores for Greenfield factory.