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Fair Trade

Sometimes, farmers and workers do not always get a fair share of the benefits of trade. FairTrade certification enables consumers to help put this right and gives farmers greater control over the terms of trade. While there is some debate about whether this is the best way to ensure fair wages for people working in plantations, there can be no doubt what has been achieved on our estate through Fair Trade payments to the community.

Tea So Tea is certified as Fair Trade. This means that Tea So Tea guarantees a better deal for tea producers ensuring not only fair prices paid for the product, but fair wages and conditions for all those involved in the harvesting and production process. FairTrade certified products offer you a powerful way to connect directly with the people who produce your tea.

Through the Fair Trade certification, we invest a proportion of the purchasing price of Tea So Tea on farmers and workers via social and environmental development projects. Projects funded include medical camps that give those in remote areas access to medical professionals and English language lessons that widen the scope of the young people living in our estate.


Free pre-schooling for children of all employees.

Children at play at pre-school.

Community hall built with money from Fair Trade premiums.

Fair Trade funds are used to provide scholarships for children of employees.