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Good for the planet

Carbon Negative

Agriculture directly contributes to approximately 10-12% of global greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. This is unacceptable to us and we have partnered with the Carbon Consulting Company to offset 100% of the global warming emissions associated with the growing, packing and shipping of our tea.

Sustainable Packaging

Our holistic approach to the sustainability of our tea extends to the packaging. Every item of the package, from the bag to the pack, has been selected to minimise its impact to the environment and, where possible, to be reusable.

Bio diversity and Forest Gardens

Traditional agricultural plantations may look idyllic, but they are monocultures that often involve the cutting down of forests to create farm areas. Tea So Tea sources spices and herbs that are grown in a certified organic plantation that recreates the biodiversity of a forest. They grow amongst a profusion of living organisms that keep the ecosystem healthier.


The water footprint of an organisation is the total volume of freshwater that is used to produce the goods and services of an organisation. Carried out according to the guidelines of the International Water Footprint Network through its partner in Sri Lanka, The Carbon Consulting Company, an assessment was made of Eswaran Brothers [link to about us page on TsoT site] on an organisational and product basis.