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The water footprint of an organisation is the total volume of freshwater that is used to produce the goods and services of an organisation. Carried out according to the guidelines of the International Water Footprint Network through its partner in Sri Lanka, The Carbon Consulting Company, an assessment was made of Eswaran Brothers on an organisational and product basis.

This took into account the fresh water consumption of the total life cycle of our teas; starting from the cultivation stage and continuing on to tea processing and transportation to finally the packaging stage. Doing this allowed us to both understand the impact our teas had on water consumption and take steps to mitigate this.


Some aquatic lillies found in the water ways of our tea gardens. This is the Nymphia nouchali or the blue water lilly native to Southern and Eastern Asia.


Preserving water for future generations. We work hard to ensure that our water resources are sustainably used and preserved.

These ponds are home to multitudes of frogs and insects.